• Dr. Andre will be presenting the keynote address "One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: When Technology and Ergonomics Collide" at the Berkeley COEH Continuing Education Program's Summer Institute on July 31, 2013...
  • The 2014 Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care: Leading the Way is now accepting proposals! Call for Proposals ...
  • IAA opens a second usability testing facility! Located just a few blocks away from our current facility in Saratoga, CA, our new facility will house a second custom testing lab, purpose built for human factors studies and their unique needs...
  • Dr. Andre is quoted in a Tech News Daily article regarding the ergonomic effects of using e-readers: Who Killed the E-Reader? ...
  • Dr. Andre will speak as an invited panelist on "FDA Human Factors Compliance"at the American Society for Quality Usability Event, taking place on March 21, 2013...
  • Dr. Andre organizes and moderates FDA Human Factors Panel at the 2013 HFES International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare. Tony Watson, Ron Kaye and Molly Story participated in the session, which covered the history of the FDA human factors team, an update on the human factors draft guidance and a review of the new draft guidance on medical devices for home health care...
  • Dr. Andre moderates closing plenary address featuring Dr. Kellie Taylor, Deputy Director of the FDA's DMEPA group. Dr. Taylor spoke about the unique requirements for validating combination drug products and her group's role in overseeing all human factors validation efforts for these products...
  • Dr. Andre announces that the 2014 HFES International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare will take place on March 17-19 in Chicago, IL...
  • Dr. Andre is quoted in a Wall Street Journal article regarding the recent trend of increasingly large touchscreen phones: Phones Are a Big-Screen Hit but a Bit of a Fashion Challenge ...
  • Dr. Andre presented a plenary session address at the PDA's 2012 "Universe of Pre filled Syringes and Injection Devices" Conference in Las Vegas, NV on October 16,2012. Dr. Andre shared the stage with Kathy Lee, of the FDA. His address, entitled "The Human Factors Top 10 List", discussed the top 10 most critical mistakes made by drug delivery device and biopharma companies when attempting to obtain FDA Human Factors approval for a combination product...
  • Dr. Anthony Andre is elected as Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Recognition of this honor will be made on Tuesday, October 23, at the Opening Plenary Session of the 2012 HFES Annual Meeting in Boston, MA...
  • Dr. Andre quoted in recent San Jose Mercury News article, Pedal pusher: Desk-bike marketer hopes to get more workers into shape, with his take on a new desk-bike...
  • Dr. Andre to host and chair the 2013 HFES Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care! The Symposium, titled "Advancing the Cause" will be held March 11-13, 2013, at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland....
  • Dr. Andre to give podium presentation entitled "The Human Factors Top 10 List: Answers to the 10 Most Important Human Factors Questions for Obtaining FDA Approval for your Drug Delivery Device" at the 2012 PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference, October 15-17, Las Vegas, NV....
  • Dr. Andre presents invited talk on incorporating human factors inputs into early device design and selection activities and moderates FDA human factors panel at the 2012 Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care...
  • Dr. Andre presents opening plenary address at the 2012 Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care. The symposium was created, organized and chaired by Dr. Andre, in coordination with the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of which he is the Immediate Past President. The symposium, held March 12-14 in Baltimore, was attended by 450 human factors professionals, health care industry representatives, health care provides and regulatory personnel...
  • IAA/Usernomics has moved our offices and research facility a short distance to the prestigious city of Saratoga, CA. We have built a new custom usability testing facility and welcome the change of venue after 19 years in Cupertino, CA. Click here for pictures of Dr. Andre during the construction of our new lab!...
  • IAA conducts comprehensive AED/CPR study in France. Read the recent whitepaper to find out which AEDs passed and which failed!...
  • Dr. Anthony Andre to Chair the HFES 2012 Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care (June 2011)...
  • Dr. Andre gives webinar presentation on "What Makes a Pre-Filled Syringe Usable and Ergonomic? Critical Human Factors Design Attributes and Interacting Factors, sponsored by the Parental Drug Association (PDA), July 14, 2011...
  • IAA leads Human Factors program that results in EU and FDA approval for the new Asante "Pearl" Insulin Pump. Details are found at: http://www.asantesolutions.com (June 2011)...
  • IAA wins contract with Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), the world's largest professional services firm (May 2011)...
  • Dr. Andre presents "Put Down that Workstation! How Software Usability and Expertise IS Office Ergonomics" as an Invited Speaker of the Bay Area Ergonomics Roundtable, held at the "We've Got your Back!" store in Los Gatos, CA May 18, 2011...
  • IAA conducted human factors/ergonomics analyses toward optimizing the design and user experience of the Peregrine Wearable Computer Interface ...
  • IAA helped incorporate ergonomics properties into the new Meglio handle/holder for the iPad. The design serves several common use cases and provides a flexible number of ways to hold, manipulate or stand the device...
  • Dr. Andre is quoted in recent blog discussing the user experience challenges associated with the recent trend of more complex applications used on mobile devices...
  • Dr. Andre featured on Dan Mulhern's radio show, "Everyday Leadership", discussing ergonomics in the workplace. (December 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre starts term as President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (Sept 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre serves as the Host Chair for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 54th Annual Meeting in San Francisco (Sept 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre organized and chaired a recent discussion panel titled "Blasphemy or Pragmatics? When NOT to Follow User-Centered Design Techniques" (Sept 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre speaks on medical device human factors at the "Universe of pre-filled syringes and injection devices" conference in Las Vegas (October 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre gives invited presentation "How software usability, expertise and workload impact ergonomics" to the UC Berkeley Ergonomics Summer Institute Course (July 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre gives invited presentation "To Err is Human, To Foresee is Human Factors: Improving Patient Safety Through Usability Engineering" to the Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference (March 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre is elected next President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society HFES (August 2009)...
  • IAA wins the prestigious 2009 User Centered Design Award from the HFES Product Design Technical Group for their design of the Cardiac Science AED PowerHeart G3 Plus (August 2009)...
  • Dr. Andre is recipient of the San Jose State University, 2009 Davidson College of Engineering Oustanding Lecturer Award (2009)...

We are currently recruiting the following participants for paid consumer research studies:

  • Diabetes Patients
  • Diabetes Caregivers
  • Schizophrenia Patients
  • Cancer Patients

Get paid to participate! View our current studies for more information and to see if you qualify.

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Human Factors & Ergonomics SocietyHuman Factors & Ergonomics Society
Usability Professionals AssociationUsability Professionals Association
AAMIAssociation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
BCPEBoard of Certification in Professional Ergonomics

Vendors: Industrial

Manufacturers and retailers offering ergonomic products.

Ergonomic Products Industrial

ergonomics bullet Commercial Products

The science of ergonomics has resulted in a wide variety of commercial products that enhance user safety and comfort while also increasing user productivity.

This section has listings of Vendors for Ergonomic Products. To see the ergonomic products that we sell, go to our Ergonomic Products Store.

We get many requests for links to various ergonomic products beyond what we carry in our store. In response, we are providing this list of links to locate vendors for a variety of ergonomic products offered on the Internet. While we do not endorse or recommend any of these products, we did make an attempt to include only those products that appear to have ergonomic benefits.

When in doubt about the ergonomic efficacy of a product, it is advisable to consult with an ergonomics professional. This is particularly true if you are ordering large quantities of a given product or if you are attempting to remedy an existing medical condition.

Our Role

Usernomics can assist your company in making your products easy to learn, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and marketable. Our User Interface Design and Usability Testing professionals design both hardware and software products. Their experience covers a wide range of products including web-based and application software, consumer products, communication systems, and vehicles such as automobiles and aircraft.

We can also assist your company to make your workplace safe, efficient, and in compliance. Our Ergonomics Engineers apply a rigorous and systematic technique to ensure a hazard-free and worker-safe environment. We evaluate, design, and train your people to create an ongoing active safety program in your company. Our experience covers a wide range of workplace environments including the office, manufacturing floor, warehouse, and vehicles.

Product Categories

The links to products listed here were not designed by Usernomics, but have been designed by other companies to be ergonomically beneficial.

The following categories roughly describe the products carried by each company. The categories are approximate because many companies carry a variety of products, so you might want to scan more than one category.

Industrial Products

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The following Vendors are a selection of those offering Industrial Ergonomic Products:

Please Note:
This is a Vendors List
You must contact each vendor for product information.
See our Ergonomic Products Store for items you can browse or purchase.

A1 Stair Lifts
Address:207 Red Field St., Cary, NC 27511
Website: http://www.stair-lifts-stairlifts.com

Quality stair lifts by leading manufacturers like Ameriglide, Summit and Acorn at wholesale prices. Stairlift products are of the highest quality with FREE SHIPPING and installation available nationwide.

Address:10000 SE Pine, Portland, OR 97216
Website: http://www.aimco-global.com/

Torque reaction arm.

Alum-A-Lift, Inc.
Address:7909 Bankhead Hwy., Winston, GA 30187
Website: http://www.alum-a-lift.com/

Manufacturers of ergonomic lifting devices: Lift, lower, move, position and hold objects too heavy for the unaided human.

American Store Fixtures
Website: http://www.americanlouver.com/ASF/index.asp

The ERGO basket is professionally designed to improve shopping by reducing stress on wrist, elbows and shoulders. Customers can purchase more products with less fatigue. Ergo basket has many home uses; gardening, organizing, and general carrying of anything.

Atlas Copco
Address:2404 Indoplex Circle, Farmington Hills, MI 48018
Phone:(313) 478-5330
Website: http://www.atlascopco.com/

Industrial power tools.

AutoCell Electronics,Inc.
Address:Sacramento, CA, 95831
Website: http://www.autocell.net

Specializing in the design and manufacture of energy efficient lights (Compact Fluorescent Lights, CFLs, T5 linear fluorescent lights, High-Wattage CFLs, etc.) and other energy saving devices (e.g., electronic digital timers).

Bahco Tools
Address:4099 Landisville Rd., Doylestown, PN 18901
Phone:(215) 345-6212
Website: http://www.bahco.com/

Industrial power tools.

C&H Distributors
Address:770 South 70th Street, P.O. Box 14770, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214
Website: http://www.chdist.com/
CDS Inc.
Address:P.O. Box 902834, Palmdale, CA 93551
Website: http://www.cdsincusa.com/

Offers the Cart MuleŽ product line, a compact , self-propelled, battery-powered device that aids in materials handling movement. The Cart Mule is a built tough materials handling truck that takes the task of moving heavy loads.

DG Industries
Address:226 Viking Ave., Brea, CA 92821
Phone:(714) 990-3787
Fax:(714) 990-6541
Website: http://www.dgindustries.com/

Offers several ergonomic grip and brace products such as: Bio-Brace, Ergo Grip, Wristol Grip, Biometric Brace, and SideArm.

Darcor Limited
Address:7 Staffordshire Place, Toronto, Ontario
Phone:(416) 255-8563
Fax:(416) 251-6117
Website: http://www.darcor.com

The secret to superior ergonomic casters begins with a simple concept - higher performance through low rolling resistance and quiet, shock absorbing wheels.

Address:PO Box 47567, Plymouth, MN 55447
Website: http://www.djproducts.com/

Eliminate the strains and pains of manually pushing or pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment.

Address:ECOA Industrial Products, 1000 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah, Florida, 33010
Website: http://www.ecoalifts.com/

A leading manufacturer of scissor lift, loading dock equipment, ergonomic lift tables, hydraulic lift tables and industrial products for over 30 years.

ErgoFlex Corp
Address:180 Western Ave., #190, Carpentersville, IL, 60110
Website: http://www.ergoflex.com/

Custom Engineered lifting tools.

Ergotech, Inc.
Address:11 old Newtown Rd., Danbury, CT 06810
Website: http://www.ErgotecHinc.com

Ergonomic factory equipment.

GWS, Inc.
Address:1910-C Albitton Dr., Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone:(770) 424 0004
Website: http://www.gwssystems.com/

Workstation systems.

Address:100 Grainger Parkway, Lake Forest, IL 60045-5201
Website: http://www.grainger.com/

Industrial and Commercial Equipment and Supplies.

Honsa Ergonomic Technologies
Address:550 34th Street, Moline IL 61265
Website: http://www.heti.com/

Pneumatic tools.

Address:1467 Route 31 South, P.O. Box 970 Annandale, NJ 08801
Website: http://www.irtools.com/
Email:Email: seekinfo@irco.com

Air tools.

Inspired Concepts
Address:Corona, CA, 92882
Website: http://www.naturalux.com/

NaturaLux Filters are designed to absorb the damaging UV rays from fluorescent lamps that can trigger lupus health flare-ups.

Klien Tools
Address:PO Box 599033, Chicago, IL 60659-9033
Fax:(702) 871-2815
Website: http://www.mytoolstore.com/

Fatigue reducing needle-nose pliers. A leading manufacturer of professional hand tools and occupational protective equipment, Klein Tools product line has grown to include virtually every major type of hand tool used in the electrical and telecommunications markets, as well as for aviation, construction, electronics, mining and general industry.

Knight Industries
Address:1160 Center Rd., Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Phone:(248) 377 4950
Fax:(248) 377 2135
Website: http://www.knight-ind.com/

Torque arms and a variety of products to meet your ergonomic needs.

Ledalite Architectural Products
Address:19750 - 92A Avenue, Langley, British Columbia, Canada, V1M 3B2
Website: http://www.ledalite.com

A leading manufacturer of architectural linear lighting systems, Ledalite specializes in creating visually comfortable, energy-efficient interior illumination solutions for offices, schools and many other commercial and institutional buildings.

Lift Products, Inc.
Address:13000 W. Bluemond Rd., PO box 349, Elm Grove, WI 53122
Phone:877-543-8776 or 262-860-1894
Website: http://www.liftproducts.com/

Offers a battery operated self propelled Moto-Cart is ergonomically designed to improve productivity and reduce the risk of employee injury caused by pushing or pulling ordinary , non-powered carts.

Lyon Metal Products
Address:P.O. Box 671, Aurora, IL 60507-0671
Phone:800-323-0096 or 630-892-8941
Website: http://www.lyonmetal.com

Workplace furniture and storage products.

Motion Savers
Address:8573 Mason Montgomery Road, Suite #40, Mason, OH 45040.
Phone:1 877 832-4154
Website: http://www.motionsavers.com/

A global supplier of ergonomic material handling solutions.

Address:1080 North 11th Street, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone:(408) 292-2214
Website: http://www.etorque.com/

Ergonomic tourque tools and a wide variety of torque tool solutions - Torque Analyzers, Torque Testers, Torque Sensors, Torque Wrenches, Electric Screwdrivers, Torque Screwdrivers, Torque Multipliers, Assembly Tools, Screw Counters, Balancers and special torque applications.

Address:810 West Hwy 25/70, Newport, TN 37821-8044
Phone:800-TABLES-6 or (800-822-5376)
Website: http://www.phillocraft.com/

Seating - Manufacturers of industrial Equipment.

Production Basics
Address:30 Bridge Street, Watertown, MA 02472
Phone:(800) 318-2770 or (617) 926-8100
Fax:(617) 926-8010
Website: http://www.pbasics.com

Ergonomic workstations and accessories for electronic manufacturing environments. Choose from a variety of workstations including manual and electrically height adjustable units, available with integrated accessories.

Address:12 Rogers Road, Haverhill, MA 01835
Phone:(978) 521-2600
Fax:(978) 374-4885
Website: http://www.1proline.com/

Ergonomic modular workstation systems.

Address:PensaWorks, inc., 5953 Commerce Rd, Milton, FL 32583
Website: http://www.purelite.com

Originally designed for use in the office, the Purelite is ideal for a multitude of applications. Lighting. Using a special bulb sleeve, you can use the Purelite in your X-ray room. The Purelite will give you the correct light you need, and clean out the toxic chemicals in the air. With the Amber sleeve, Home Photo Development users will breathe easier while getting perfect pictures.

Reelcraft Industries Inc.
Address:2842 E. Business 30, P.O. Box 248, Columbia City, IN 46725
Fax:(260) 248-2605
Website: http://www.reelcraft.com/

Electric cord reels.

Respond Systems
Address:5838 San Fernando Rd., Unit B, Glendale, CA 91202
Website: http://www.1staidsupplies.com/

Offers below market rate first aid kits, first aid & medical supplies, industrial safety equipment for businesses, portable emergency medical equipment such as the life saving AED (automatic external defibrillator), certified OSHA Consulting & Employee Training, First Aid Training for your employees, as well as a library of video tapes and related training manuals.

Saunders - ErgoSource
Address:4250 Norex Dr., Chaska, MN 55318-3047
Website: http://www.ergosource.com/

Ergo-edge, chairs, tools, armrests, filters, platforms, stands.

Scamp Sound Masking Systems
Address:3-1050 Pachino Court, Burlington, Ontario, L7L 6B9, Canada
Phone:(905) 332-1730
Fax:(905) 332-8480
Website: http://www.scampmask.com

Scamp Systems improve speech privacy, reduce distractions due to noise, and improve comfort.  The site includes product information and tips for effective acoustic design in office settings.

Simonds, Inc.
Address:248 Elm St., Southbridge, MA 01550
Website: http://www.simonds-inc.com/

Ergo-edge, chairs, tools, armrests, filters, platforms, stands.

Southworth Products
Address:11 Gray Road, Falmouth, ME 04105
Phone:877 812-7441
Fax:207 797-4734
Website: http://www.southworthproducts.com

Manufacturer of ergonomic material handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning, designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for workplace injuries.

Stafford Manufacturing Corp.
Address:P.O. Box 2370, Woburn, MA 01888
Website: http://www.staffordmfg.com/

Handle adaptor.

Sunnex Equipment, AB
Address:Sunnex Inc. North America, 3 Huron Drive, Natick, MA 01760-1314
Phone:508 651 0009
Fax:508 651 0099
Website: http://www.sunnex.se/

Ergonomic fastening tool.

Suspa, Inc.
Address:3970 Roger Chaffe Dr., S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49548-3497
Website: http://www.suspa.com/

Retrofit height adjustable components for tables and chairs.

Swanstrum Tools USA
Address:3300 James Day Ave., Superior, WI 54880-5527
Phone:800 287-8872
Fax:715 392-9233
Website: http://www.swanstromtools.com/

Industrial power tools.

Synetik Design
Address:14b Marcel-Lepine Street, St-Jacques, Quebec, Canada J0K 2R0
Phone:514 488-7045
Website: http://www.synetik-di.com/Products/Aeronautics.aspx

Chairs and equipment for specialized industrial applications.

Texas America Safety Company
Address:4400 Danhil Drive, Brownwood, TX 76801
Website: http://www.tasco-safety.com/

Distributors of Occupational Safety Products and Safety Supplies Specializing in safety glasses, hard hats, work gloves, safety vests and protective clothing.

Tiffin Systems
Address:450 Wall St., Tiffin, OH 44883
Website: http://www.tiffinmetal.com/

Workstation systems. A custom designed space with interchangeable components that "fit" a person's body motion and occupation not only improves productivity, but also lowers the possibility of repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Tiffin Metal Products Work Stations provide for precise adjustment of table tilt, height and option placements.

Address:2753 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11207
Website: http://www.toolfetch.com

A large product mix including heavy duty lifting equipment for the construction industry.

Address:1803 Fieldhouse Ave, Elkhart, Indiana 46517
Website: http://www.dabrevi.com/

A wide variety of seating options.

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